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Since the beginning of time people have loved and shared stories. No matter how far digital technology evolves, the desire in human beings to connect with others through stories will never change.

Story writing is not just reserved for novelists, lyricists and poets. It’s a must for businesses and brands too. People buy from people. Your target markets are looking for compelling reasons to connect with your brand and keep coming back. Relevant, well crafted stories help them find those reasons.

The right words help shape your story to ensure it connects with your audience. They have the power to heighten emotions, inspire, educate, raise awareness, challenge, drive sales, build credibility and build your profile and brand.

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Phaedra Pym has been writing the monthly Front Cover articles for CCBR for five years. These articles feature a well known business person and explains how and why they have been successful over a long period of time. They have to be concise and yet tell the full story and above all be very readable. Phaedra has the capacity to get to the heart of the story so that our readers can take away those little gems as to what has made these people the success they are. Importantly on all occasions the people she interviews tell us how happy they were with how she went around writing their story.

Edgar Adams, Editor

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